Big Tent Judaism leads the way in creating paths to Jewish life for everyone who’s been unaffiliated, marginalized, or disenfranchised by mainstream Jewish practice.Our tent is wide open to interfaith and interracial couples, to the LGBT community, and to individuals and families facing physical, emotional, or financial challenges. Learn More “My family loves to attend Big Ten Judaism events, especially the Tot Shabbat Shuffle.We love visiting different synagogues as part of the program.

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If you know of other Passover/Easter resources, or if you'd like to see additional resources on a particular aspect of Passover or Easter, please email us at [email protected] let us know what you'd like us to provide.

Hanukkah (known by many spellings) is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd Century BCE.

It is marked by the lighting of a menorah and the eating of fried foods.

We welcome anyone interested to experience that benefit, and believe Judaism is a big enough tent to accommodate a diverse range of interests and expressions. If you’re already connected, help us connect others.

Wondering whether you should go to Easter dinner at your mother-in-law's during Passover? Learn how to solve the spring holiday dilemma with articles, resources and links from Interfaith Family.

Join the conversation on our Passover and Easter Discussion Board.Our Passover in Interfaith Families: Three Essays from Interfaith Family, with Discussion Guide, Tips, Recommended Resources and Activities for Children is also helpful.Attending the Tot Shabbat Shuffle regularly actually helped us decide on a synagogue to join.Plus, my 2-year-old loves playing with the other children and my husband and I love keeping Judaism in our lives in a fun and engaging way for our son.” Usually when we see a staff member of an organization—whether for-profit or not-for-profit—move into the role of consultant, it means that the organization is attempting to reduce its expenses, overhead ...Jewish Funders Network announced today Big Tent Judaism is among 28 projects from seven countries which will receive grants from Avenues to Jewish Engagement for Intermarried Couples and their Families, ...There is a benefit and meaning to being connected to an organized Jewish community.