In India divorce is about 1% and in the USA about 50%.But me personally I am glad I did not tie the knot this way, but it does work. I know many Western women will role their eyes, but let the facts speak for themselves. How you get to find your soul mate does not matter, that is the whole point of destiny. that is the girl is placed always in male custody or guardianship her whole life, from father to husband does not have to be seen as a prison but rather as a respectful way to protect her honor. I see nothing wrong with Indian traditional dating and I hope the modern world’s values do not destroy the good in this culture.

This is the second most popular way Indians girls meet guys. Parent recommendations are still how it is done, but Internet with Indian online dating is taking over. These are also called “love marriages” where partners interest are more important than family ideas.

That being said parental arranged marriages in India are still the rule. After considerations on everything from values, astrological charts to diet photos are exchanged and meetings are arranged for their prospective spouses.

During the courtship and engagement Indians see if this is destiny. I am a believer in arranged marriages as I have seen it work with my friends.

What is the most important fact about Indian dating? Indian parents are seeing more of their own getting married to other non-Indians and have become very worried.

As long, as their son or daughter chooses an Indian with the same religion, they are happy.

There is no consideration to caste or language or social status. – A popular way of meeting is through community events and religious events.

In my friend’s community for example, there is a 3 day annual picnic that involves adults and kids to interact with each other.

The purpose of this post is to give you some facts about Indian girls for marriage.

This includes the best place to meet Indian girls for marriage on and off line and five things you must know to attract them.

This post was inspired by information from my friend Vellayan, who is Indian and married and researched this for me. This guy use to wake up in the morning and turn on his computer and check dating sites (and other types of sites with pictures of Indian girls on them, use your imagination) before he got out of his pajamas or combed is hair.

Therefore, the information about Indian girl dating is reliable.