This is a group for people who are single, divorced, separated, 'it's complicated', with/without kids &are: looking for their 'other half', potential dates and whatever elseā€¦Just Coffee is a business that specialises in organising coffee dates for single people who reside in Perth.

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Perth singles can join Just Coffee for as little as $299, depending on the membership level that they select.

The Espresso membership allows clients to be chosen by compatible people who are interested in meeting for a date.

The Cappuccino membership gives clients the opportunity to choose where and when they prefer to meet other singles.

The Coffee and Cake membership is the premier package that provides clients with additional details about potential matches.

Just Coffee is an innovative service that eliminates many of the hassles that singles encounter in the dating world.

We assist our clients by arranging introductory meetings in the relaxed coffee shop atmosphere.

Just Coffee ensures that all clients' contact details will remain discreet and that photographs will only be viewed by other members of the service. Just Coffee's services are offered to single residents of Perth only.

So you've been on and off dating websites for years?

Find it exhausting searching through pages of 'The One'? ) Bored of people not wanting to meet up in person?

Tired of explaining your life story to anyone who'll listen?? It's time to take the plunge Meet people Face-To-Face in fun social situations for: Meals & Drinks to Wine and Whale watching tours (not at the same time unfortunately) Nights out, Days Out, Pub Crawls, Comedy Nights, Speed Dating, Sporting Events, Parties, Picnics, 'Outdoor Pursuits', Concerts, Theatres, Classes..

Are you done with paying multiple monthly fees to online dating services? the list goes on and on and it will be increasing all the time..