I’d like him to feel the pain of his daughter as her brilliance in tech and web are overlooked for a less-intelligent woman with a better rack.I’d like him to watch as his beautiful daughter is paraded on a video blog to be masturbated to by 40year-olds in their mother’s basement.I’d like him to sit all 10 of them down on the Calacanis family couch and explain Daddy’s requirements for the next Mahalo Daily host. Calacanis, I hope she’s qualified, brilliant, and kicks your ass.

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With any luck my strong, vagina-having, self will make sure my daughter is prepared for the boys, the body-issues, the confusion between what matters more: her mind or her looks.

Let’s just review who I’m watching currently in and around the web, shall we? Robert Scoble Jeff Pulver Jason Calacanis Shel Israel Loren Feldman Steve Garfield Gary Vaynerchuk Those are just off the top of my head, there are many more.

Now let’s go ahead and guess how many of that group would have gotten to where they are if being ‘easy on the eyes’ were a requirement? Turns out, and it’s funny really-it is their CONTENT that matters.

I’m not sure if Jason Calacanis or anyone in that chat room (with the exception of Gary who is respectful and has proven himself as such) gets what they are doing when they make looks a requirement, when it’s clearly NOT a requirement for the men.

The only way I can possibly think of to make the CEO and ringleader understand is to curse him with 10 daughters.

5 super model daughters and 5 less than perfect daughters.I’d like him to see first hand the opportunities they are afforded, the heartbreak, and the double standards they face.My husband nearly fainted when we found out our second child was going to be a girl. Weeks earlier my OBGYN thought he saw a penis and the look of relief on my husband’s face told the true story. To this day he’s hoping our striking daughter needs glasses, braces, and is covered in hair. A few minutes into my snooping and Gary Vaynerchuk twittered that Jason was live on Ustream taking suggestions for a new host. I’m not really sure I can accurately describe what I found, so let me just copy and paste my twitter stream: Basically I tuned in to see Jason Calacanis and his ‘Jason Nation’ look at photos, declare there shall be ‘no schlubs’ and discuss the hotness level of each candidate.Then a checkup a few weeks later showed vulva, no penis, and terror struck. His fears included, but were not limited too: will she get knocked up at 16? He thinks if she’s hairy, the boys won’t bother her. Jason did stipulate the candidate must have brains (how nice) but needed to be easy on the eyes. I logged into Twitter to see several people had mentioned my name to Jason as a possible replacement. So I checked it out-Veronica looks like she’s done some fun stuff with the videos, totally not techy (that I can tell) but entertaining. He knows how he was at 13, 16, 19, 25, 35 and he wants his daughter to have of it. Jason Calacanis, and his search for a replacement for Veronica Belmont, host of Mahalo Daily. I’m not exactly a Calacanis fan after his ‘make me the #1 twitter-er’ bribe, but had been willing to listen to all those who said he’s actually a decent guy.