September saw the arrivals of Max Branning's prosecution lawyer Hazel Warren and Louie Beale, the baby son of Lauren Branning and Peter Beale.In October, Elaine Peacock's toyboy lover Jason Adams was introduced, as well as first transgender character to be played by a transgender actor, Kyle Slater.

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The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera East Enders in 2015, by order of first appearance.

All characters were introduced by the show's executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins.

January saw the arrival of the year's first baby, Matthew Mitchell-Cotton, son of Ronnie Mitchell and Charlie Cotton.

The following month saw the show celebrate its 30th anniversary with a live week, which oversaw the live arrivals of Vincent Hubbard, and the second baby born in 2015, Pearl Fox-Hubbard, Vincent's daughter with Kim Fox.

He was born during the episode broadcast on the 1 January 2015 on his parents' wedding day.

Matthew is born in Walford General after Ronnie is involved in a car accident. Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) looks after her nephew with the help of her partner Aleks Shirovs (Kristian Kiehling) when Charlie refuses to see or care for his son due to Ronnie not being around.

Matthew's grandfather, Nick Cotton (John Altman), takes Matthew from Roxy's house in the middle of the night and attempts to force Charlie to spend time with his son, although Charlie refuses and takes him back to Roxy.

In March, Claudette Hubbard arrived as Donna Yates' foster mother and an acquaintance of Les Coker followed by Stan Carter's friend Cyril Bishop and Sharon Mitchell's aunt Margaret Midhurst, whilst Denise van Outen joined in April as Karin Smart.

May saw the arrivals of June Whitfield as Sister Ruth, Mick and Linda Carter's son Ollie Carter, the year's third baby, Mo Harris' business associate Fat Elvis and Kush Kazemi's mother, Carmel.

Paul Coker, the grandson of Les and Pam Coker, was introduced in June, as was Jade Green, the long-lost daughter of Shabnam Masood and Dean Wicks.

After Kathy Beale's surprise return during the 30th anniversary in February, her husband Gavin Sullivan made his debut in August.