The receiver said to just use the address and the mail carrier knows to get it to them anyway.IMO, it is simply a database error on the part of the USPS.

UPS provides up to ten alternate addresses, including an accuracy rate that lets your customers know how closely the address they entered matches the suggested address.

Postal Service guidelines to thoroughly check the city, state and postal code of every shipment.

I recently moved from one apartment to another in the same city (different zip code though), and when I tried changing the address, it says USPS couldn't validate it.

So I researched a bit on the forums here and tried to look it up on and it found my address.

They said to keep checking and eventually they will accept the new zip code.

I cant use to send to those very same adresses....) - the post office is arbitrarily rejecting adresses that are too new, or even in a different font- it's rediculous and PBS should stop using it, but in the meantime, is there a way around it? The font refers to the shape of the letters on your screen.PBS is using the official USPS validation process, and no, there's no way around it.It's not a new apartment building, it's been here over 20 years I believe. If you found it at, then it should work here also.Try entering exactly what you got back from USPS, with the street address all on one line.Do not try to put the apartment number in the c/o line. I have had this happen to me one time when shipping live pet shrimp to a person.They warned me that their address would not validate via the USPS web site (where I print postage on my printer).