I along with Buchanan Milne (Mandrake contributor) and a few others began working with Jaco to help debug the scripts.

updating mandrake-67

In the summer of 2003 I became interested in livecd technology after looking at knoppix and a fresh distribution from a fellow named Warren called Mepis.

I was interested in helping Warren with Mepis at the time but I had no clue how to build Deb files.

Coming from 5 years of packaging rpms and not really wanting to learn a new packaging system I happened to come across a South African fellow by the name of Jaco Greef.

He was developing a script called mklivecd and porting it to Mandrake Linux.

On October 24, 2003, PCLinux OS Preview .4 was released as a fork of Linux Mandrake (Mandriva) 9.2 utilizing mklivecd scripts from Jaco Greef, a multimedia kernel from Thomas Buckland (2.4.22-tmb) and a customized KDE (3.1.4-tex).

Preview .5 through .93 were built upon on previous PCLinux OS releases.

After 3 years of updating one release from the other using the same gcc and glibc core library we found too many programs would no longer compile or work properly against this aging code base.

Everyone who tested it loved the livecd but there was one thing missing.

There wasn't a way to install the thing to the hard drive!