The changes are sent to the CAPS Service Center and will be applied to the system within five days.This is an example of the Update Customer Information form.

updating customer information form-58

Hi, Well I know why this happens b/c the table that the information is being pulled is the subsequently being updated however when moving to a diff customer or closing the form etc..

The user is then displayed the Msg Box of Write Conflict and supplying the user with 3 options of Disregarding Changes, Saving changes to Clipboard or Save Changes.

Baisically is their a way to restrict this write conflict msgbox and have it so that it saves the users changes every time.

CAPS Update Customer Information The CAPS Update Customer Information feature lets you update customer information, including contact person and telephone number.

For more convenience, please fill the update customer information form and attach with it a copy of your valid civil ID, and visit your nearest KIB branch to complete updating your information.

For more information, please contact Al Dawli Weyak customer service center at 1866866.

To obtain the update customer information form, please click here.

Changes to name, date of birth and gender details on your Medicare record must be done in person at a service centre. Check we have your current address so you receive your replacement card and other important information from us.

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian you can update your Medicare card details by completing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Medicare Enrolment and amendment form.