Secondly, just drag-n-drop the control to your web site. One of them is the well-know ajax extender property Target Control ID.

Moreover you can send parameters to the code-behind too.

Download the control (link at the end of the article) and add it to your toolbox.

Visual Studio will automatically add Ajax Control Toolkit reference to your web site as well.

The Update Panel Java Script Extender is build on Ajax Control Toolkit Extender base libraries.

Let’s answer the most popular question about Update Panels; "How can I update an Update Panel with Java Script on client-side?

" Officially there is no tool or library/interface providing this feature.

However there is always a solution :) Before going under the hood, I will introduce you my simple solution; Update Panel Java Script Extender.

You can download it and use Java Script to update your Update Panel.

Of course you will need to de-serialize it on the server-side.

The server-side event handler has an extra parameter named as “parameter”.

This is the parameter send by the Java Script function.