Some customer service support systems may be integrated with other enterprise applications.Examples include service dispatch software (to enable on-site repairs), inventory and cataloging systems (to ensure that exchange parts are in stock) and sales force automation systems (to inform sales reps of critical or chronic issues).Depending on the type of buyer you are, below is a list of common and useful features that are found in customer service and support solutions and online customer support software.

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This technology is sometimes referred to as help desk software, though that term is usually applied to resolving information technology (IT) issues, specifically.

These solutions streamline the issue resolution process by automating many common support activities.

Ultimately, they improve agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Customer support management software is available as a standalone trouble ticketing system, as part of a broader customer relationship management (CRM) suite such as or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or as part of an enterprise suite from vendors like Oracle or SAP.

Organizations use customer service and support software to track and manage service interactions, whether by phone, over the Web, through email, by social media or even face-to-face.

However, there are hundreds of solutions on the market and selecting the best customer service software for your organization is challenging.

To support you, here’s what we’ll cover in this guide: What Is Customer Service Software?

Common Features of Customer Service Software Customer Service Software Buyer View Report Benefits of Customer Service Software Customer service and support software helps customer service representatives (CSRs, or “agents”) document, route, track, resolve and report on customer issues using a trouble ticketing system.

Allows CSRs to chat with customers online and automatically capture key content from those conversations in the trouble ticketing system.