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Webster’s definition of Value is – “a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged”.

Once a kitchen brand has top design, innovation, quality and service, the price will always be higher.

Surprizingly, there are a few kitchen brands on this list that have a pretty good value, as well as ranking high on all the other categories.

In the Top 20 European Kitchen 11 Italian kitchen brands, 7 German kitchen companies, one English and one French are in the above list.

So, without further a due and in alphabetical order here are my Top 20 European kitchen Brands: Honorable mentions: there were a few companies that did not make it to my Top 20 European Kitchen Brands, but deserve a mention.

Also in the advise of one of the readers of this blog, i’ve decided to update this post and add a few more (they deserve it! We’ll call this section the “hors catégorie” (thanks Pierangelo): Clive Christian – ranked high on DESIGN and if marketing was a category, will most definitely be included in the Top 20 list.Marchi – ranked very high on DESIGN and INNOVATION.Posted on Jun 11, 2011 in English Kitchen Companies, European kitchen companies, French Kitchen Companies, German Kitchen Companies, Italian Kitchen Design | 656 comments After many requests and lots of diliberations I’ve decided to post my own top 20 European brands.Top 20 European kitchen companies, because I simply felt that there are too many great European kitchen brands to limit the list to just top 10.My Top 20 is based on the following criteria’s: I have chosen not to take into consideration COMPANY SIZE, as there is no real direct benefit to the buyer and I’ve already listed the 10 largest European brands.I also did not factor VALUE because I feel that value is very individual – what one consumer sees as a great value, another may view as cheap.