For sugar babies, it’s about cash, fancy dinners, lavish trips and high-end clothing.Luxury aside, sugar dating has also become a viable economic option for young people who can’t pay off school loans; can’t afford rent, or don’t have the skills and experience to get full-time jobs after college but are unable to support themselves on unpaid internships.“I thought, ‘I’m not making money and I could be good at this, so why not? “I knew how to use my body and I knew how to make someone feel good being around me, and I didn’t have to try or think about it at all….

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Historically, women offered men their virtue, their ability to bear children, and a lifelong dedication to family; in return, men provided a home, food, clothing and financial security.

Throughout the 19th century, young men courted women at their homes, but by the early 1900s, dates came into fashion.

Boys were expected to take girls out for an evening on the town while girls brought delightful conversation and measured affection (kissing, petting—sex, if the guys were “lucky”).

Tess Wood grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, where she was the captain of her high school crew team.

At Princeton University, she majored in psychology and wrote her thesis on gender dysphoria.

She was also the only woman on the school’s sprint football team; she played nose tackle.Since graduating in 2011, she’s been doing what so many Millennials do: improvising.Wood, who is 25 and aspires to write fiction and poetry, has spent the past three years working as a sugar baby, trading time, companionship and sex for financial support from older men.“Out of all the things I can do, why is it that the thing I’m choosing to focus on, cultivate and sell is my fucking body?” she asks.about love or marriage; sugar dating is about getting what you want, when you want it.For sugar daddies and mommas, that’s often companionship with a hot young thing, and sex—though few sites selling this kind of relationship would admit to the latter.