The character of Hannah was part of a new family unit which was cast in the show called the Ashworths, they moved into the Hunter family's old home.Her parents are Neville and Suzanne and brothers Rhys and Josh in 2005.Hannah's storylines are initially fairly lighthearted, such as playing pranks on her brother Josh and cousin Fletch by pretending to be the fabled 'Hollyoaks beast'.

Hannah later became much more confident and in control of her life.

Hannah is also known to be slightly ditzy and sometimes spoiled.

The character's first relationship came when a storyline saw her falling for her classmate John Paul Mc Queen.

Auditions were held for the part of Hannah and actress Emma Rigby went on to gain the part.

During some of the storylines the actress commented that playing the character was sometimes depressing and tiring but had this to say about one of her storylines: "I just threw myself into it, really.

I didn't want it to be unrealistic or disrespectful to people who suffer from the illness and I didn't want to glamorise it, either. Once sunny and outgoing, tragedy has taken its toll on the character.Channel 4 publicity commented that the character's storylines are the factors which affected the character's self-esteem with putting up with the constant drama revolving around her family, being dumped by her boyfriend, and Grace Hutchinson's death all contributed to her developing the illness bulimia.Hannah Rose Ashworth (previously Osborne) is a fictional character from long-running Channel 4 soap opera, Hollyoaks, played by Emma Rigby.Hannah first appeared on-screen from 3 October 2005 until her exit on 12 February 2010.Since inception the character became the centre of a controversial storyline in which she suffered from the eating disorders anorexia nervosa and bulimia.This storyline attracted much attention from the press and viewers along with the storyline resulting in the death of a character from the illness' which was a first for British soap.