High schooler Greg, who spends most of his time making parodies of classic movies with his co-worker Earl, finds his outlook forever altered after befriending a classmate who has just been diagnosed with cancer.Kevin's mother struggles to love her strange child, despite the increasingly vicious things he says and does as he grows up.But Kevin is just getting started, and his final act will be beyond anything anyone imagined.

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Stanford does not have semesters; rather, it has a quarter academic calendar.

See more ยป I've always been fascinated by the original Stanford prison experiment.

It always had the ingredients for a fascinating study of human behaviour. Philip Zimbardo knew that, it just had to be played out.

Of course, The Stanford Prison Experiment is a story that's been notably portrayed before, such as the 2001 German film Das Experiment.

I remember being a fan of it when I first saw it, but I admit I can't quite recall it enough to make a comparison here.

Nevertheless, this American version which doesn't make substitutions is a preferable version, one that makes resourceful use of today's technology and young talent. One, the part that writes itself, a document of the actual experiment.And the other, an examination of the ethics of the experimenters.Here is the ugly side of the human condition and our desires to push one another to feel the sweet taste of superiority.While it may lend the obvious yet compelling results of what imaginary power and authority does to people, it still needs to be well executed to work.Fortunately director Kyle Patrick Alvarez and writer Tim Talbott have the right handling of the material, working with great economy in balancing its dichotomy's.At first it's disarmingly casual in the way the volunteers are selected and summoned, making a point of its randomizations and often offering an endearing and natural sense of humour.