Los Angeles has more influence over pop culture and societal trends in general than any other city in existence.Living in a city that leads the entire Earth in the production of movies, music, television shows and video games pretty much puts you square in the center of media and entertainment, which some might argue rules the world.Los Angeles is the place that everyone looks to when deciding how to be cool, and people try to be cool so that they can get the hottest date possible.

Hermosa Beach is somewhat comparable as far as the usual age bracket, though stylistically the population there tends to be a bit more casual.

Studio City has an older and more professional crowd that might make sense for those of you seeking something more serious more quickly, as opposed to casually dating until the right person emerges.

Santa Monica and Westwood provide atmospheres with a lot of college students.

Los Angeles county is extremely multicultural, with very big Hispanic and Asian populations, making it one of few “majority-minority” areas in the United States, with Caucasians making up less than 50% of the total population 1 .

If you're in the rut of dating only people of your own race, I would suggest broadening your horizons in The City of Angels and giving everyone a shot, as the cultural melting pot offered there is one unlike that offered in any other American city, which is to say that the differences between ethnicities in a city such as L. may not be so prevalent as you might have imagined.

You shouldn't date anyone you're not interested in, but culturally Los Angeles offers up more options than most cities and sometimes having a selection of different types of people to date can be nice.Unlike other major cities in the United States like New York and Chicago, Los Angeles doesn't have an established “downtown” area where the population and businesses are more densely packed than elsewhere in the city.This can make it a bit more difficult to find good central places to meet up with people that will require minimal commute from all parties.Because of this, residing or hanging out in the right area of Los Angeles can make all the difference.If you're looking for the younger more “hipster” crowd then Hollywood is the best area for you.You'll find tons of aspiring actors and agents there as well as legions of kids leading the latest movements in style and desirability.