BMX XXX combines outrageous Hollywood humor and characters, beautiful women from New York's famous Scores club, incredible arcade action, and a dynamic soundtrack from current recording artists into one interactive entertainment experience.Laced with mature content, the game features Create-a-Rider mode, over 2,000 different tricks, eight massive levels, and a split-screen multiplayer mode for up to four players.The main problem is, they have to make code for it that runs on the PS4 specifically.3D Bluray playback, PSone emulation, DLNA, video chat, etc etc.

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It is unfortunate that some individuals may abuse this feature and share inappropriate content.

He added that within the Play Station 4 system is a way of setting up parental controls that bans certain people using the console from accessing any user-generated content, such as online messages or video streams.

Give people a camera and a means to broadcast and you can bet that, sooner or later, they'll use it to film themselves doin' some sex.

Even if it's using a Play Station 4 (warning: NSFW content follows).

In case you're not aware, the new PS4 has a program called Playroom.

If own a PS4 camera, it lets you record yourself playing games then broadcast the footage on the internet.

There are also robots who walk around "interacting" with you.

Things that have been done on the PS3 should come out fairly quickly.

Trophies are in-game rewards that recognize substantial gaming accomplishments made while playing your favorite games.

You can review all of your collected Trophies here, or find ones that you haven’t yet collected on any game in your collection. Log in to see your Trophies, look up friends' Trophies, or create a special Trophy Web ID to share online.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe spokesperson David Wilson said: ‘The Play Station4 system is designed to help gamers share their game play through popular social channels.