Kreyol/English Dictionary 2 Kreyol Crash Course: Grammar Pronunciation These pronunciation examples are based on US English. a is sounded like o in lot e is sounded like the first half of the long a in day * è is sounded like e in let i is sounded like ee in seed o is sounded like the first half of the long o in go * ò is sounded like o in or ay is sounded like i in ice ou is sounded like o in movie In Creole the letter u is only used in the ou combination. m pale ou pale li pale m ap pale w ap pale l ap pale m pale ou pale li pale mwen tap pale ou tap pale li tap pale m a pale w a pale l a pale they will speak we are going to speak y a pale nou pral pale they were speaking we will speak yo tap pale nou a pale they spoke we were speaking yo pale nou tap pale they are speaking we spoke y ap pale nou pale they speak we are speaking yo pale nou ap pale we speak nou pale Perfect I have spoken you have spoken he has spoken Conditional I would speak you would speak he would speak Past Conditional I would be able to speak you would be able to speak he would be able to speak Conditional Pluperfect I would have been able to speak mwen te ka pale we would have been able to would speak nou te ka pale they would have been able to speak we used to speak we were speaking yo te ka pale you would have been able to speak ou te ka pale he would have been able to speak li te ka pale Imperfect I used to speak I was speaking you used to speak you were speaking he used to speak he was speaking m kon pale ou kon pale li kon pale they used to speak they were speaking yo kon pale nou kon pale mwen ta ka pale we would be able to would speak ou ta ka pale li ta ka pale they would be able to speak yo ta ka pale nou ta ka pale mwen ta pale ou ta pale li ta pale they would speak yo ta pale we would speak nou ta pale m te pale ou te pale li te pale they have spoken yo te pale we have spoken nou te pale Question Words Who Where When What How Whence Where What Why : kimoun : kikote : kilè : kisa : kijan Which among them do you prefer? ch is sounded like sh in ship g is sounded like the g in go j is sounded like the s in measure s is sounded like s in soft w is sounded like w in win y is sounded like y in yes The letters c and h are only used in the ch combination. Rules: Articles One difference in Creole verses English is that in Creole a definite article like the or la or yo or nan follows the noun. Rules: More Than One To indicate that something is plural, place the plural article yo after the noun. Present I speak you speak he speaks Present Progressive I am speaking you are speaking he is speaking Past I spoke you spoke he spoke Past Progressive I was speaking you were speaking he was speaking Future I will speak you will speak he will speak Future with ale I am going to speak you are going to speak he is going to speak m pral pale ou pral pale li pral pale they are going to speak yo pral pale5Pale Pale!

After words ending in m, nm, nn, gn, ng la becomes nan. Rules: Adjectives Adjectives require no verb and are translat ed as "to be..." Sick: malad I am sick.

After vowels la becomes a After words ending in -n la becomes anthe letter : lèt-la the room : chanm nan the street : ri a the dog : chen an The indefinite article (A, AN) is yon or youn and they are placed before the noun.

· · Youn is used with one syllable words which end in oun themselves. The plural version (SOME) is kèk .3 a street a man: yon ri : youn mounsome streets : kèk ri Rules: Possession Kreyol doesn't use 's to show possession, nor does it use "of".

To expression possession or "of the", you place the thing possessed in front of the possessor.

honey, syrup honey gesture, sign (n.), signal blinker, signal last name, signature dry (v.), saw (cutting) (v.), wipe grate on someone's nerves dry one's eyes dry off sign (v.) meaning mean (v.) carve scissors in case sixth beetle carve (v.) score (n.) scorpion alarm underpants fall, seal, stand, tumble fate barring, except, safe, unless save (data) saucer relief (n.) solemn soldier137 sole solèy solèy kouche solid solisyon solisyone solitè soloba sòm soman somè somèy somon somye son sonj sonje sonm sonn sonnen sòs sòs tomat sosis sòssaucer sosyal sòsye sòsyè sosyete sot sòt sot tonbe sote sote kòd soti sòti sotu sousou deyò sou goumen sou kiviv sou kont sou kote sou la men sou nou sou sa sou san soud soude souf soufflesun sun, sunflower dusk firm (n.), solid, sound, steady, sturdy solution (n.) solve tapeworm snack psalm oath peak sleep salmon box spring noise, sound dream reflect, remember, remind dark, dreary, dull, somber stethoscope blow (v.), clang (v.), jingle, ring (v.), sound (v.) gravy, sauce catsup, ketchup sausage sauce social wizard witch company, society (n.) dumb ignorant, stupidity fall off explode, jump (v.), skip jump rope come from, protrude go out leave drunk, of (about a topic), on (a topic), on top of, onto, upon outwards looking for alert (adj.) have a chip on one's shoulder aside, mistress handy (adv.) in the air horny in a good mood deaf solder, weld take a breath, puff (n.) blow down (v.)soufle souflè souflèt souflete soufri soujèm souke souke tèt soukekouche soukoup soukoussoulaje soulajman soulay soule soulezon soulye soumèt sounwa soup soupe soupi soupire soupl souple souplès souri sourit soussousdlo souse sousèt sousi souskri sousòl soutèt soutni soutyen souvan souvni sovaj sove sovè sovyetik spektak spesifik spesyalblow, puff (v.), whistle (v.) fan (air blowing) (n.) slap, whistle slap (v.) ail, suffer (v.) distant cousin, second cousin nod, shake (v.), wag nod cheap sleeping mat saucer blow, labor contraction(s), jerking or jolting movement, shock allay, lighten (weight), relieve, remedy (v.) consolation, relief dizzy, light-headed, woozy, dazed, drowsy, drunk drowsy (v.), drunk (v.) tipsy, buzzed shoe submit sly soup supper sigh sigh (v.) gentle please suppleness smile (v.) mouse brook, on top of, source (origin), spring (season), well (adj.) stream suck (v.) pacifier (n.) brow, eyebrow (n.), worries, worry subscribe (v.) basement above, atop, up collaborate (v.), contend (v.), support (v.) bra frequently, often, regularly souvenir beast, brute (adj.), wild escape, evade, flee (v.), rescue, safe, save savior soviet spectacle peculiar particular, special138 splandid stasyon stat steril stòk stop stòp strik sue suèl suiv suspisyon suveyans swa swadandis swaf swake swanye swanye cure sware swasant swasant dis swaye swe swè swèf swèl swen swente swete switch swiv swivan syans syantifik syèk syèlsplendid bus stop (n.), station start barren stock stop (n.) cease strict sweat heaven follow, track (v.) suspicion custody either, evening, silk, sleek seventy thirst, thirsty whether care (v.) cure (v.) evening sixty seventy remedy (v.) sweat perspiration, wish thirst, thirsty spanking care (n.) defecate on oneself (v.), ooze (v.), wet ones pants wish (v.) light switch (n.), switch (v.) follow (v.) next, the following science scientific century heaven, paradise, skytablo ki anda tablo peryodik tabou taboure tach tache tack tafya tafyatè take takèt takinen taks taksi takte tal talan talè talon talon kitkit talonnen tan tan pou tanbou tanbouyè tande tande zorèy tandiske tang tank tank gaz tankou tanmen tann tannè tannen tannri tanp tanperaman tanperati tanpèt tanpete tanpon tanporè tanpri tansmèt tansyon tant tantataif tante tape Tta tab tabak tabatyè tabdonwi tabli tabliye tablo late, would table (n.) tobacco snuffbox (n.) nightstand settle (v.) apron (n.) blackboard, painting (artwork), table (chart) table below periodic table mud stool blot, dot, mark (v.), spot, stain append, attach, fasten, pin (v.), stain (v.) coconut fiber booze, liquor alcoholic latch (v.) bolt tease duty, tax (n.) cab (n.), taxi freckled, spotted galvanized knack, skill in a while, shortly, soon heel high heels, spike heel shoe follow closely (v.), harass time (Its time for..), weather instead of, rather than drum drummer hear, listen, understand eardrum whereas, while church (n.) as long as, tank gas tank alike, as (the same as), like begin await, expect, tender, wait tanner tan tannery temple personality, temperament temperature tempest rave (v.) pad, seal (n.) temporary I beseech you, please (v.) convey blood pressure, stress, tension aunt, tent attempt (v.) attempt (v.), tempt strike (v.), tap (strike or hit)139 (v.), type (v.)tapi taptaptas tat tata tate tatonnen taupe taut tavhe tay taye tayè tchak tcheke tchouboum tchwi te tè te dwe tè glèz teat tebe teknik teknoloji tèks tèl telefòn telefonnen telegram televisyon tèlke tèlman tèm temerè tèmòs temwaye temwen ten tenbre tenèb teni tenis tenm tenten tenyen je teori tepcarpet, rug fast, in the wink of an eye (adv.), quick, rapid, small pickup for public transportation, truck; small passenger cup pie feces (n.), poop (n.) finger (v.) grope brand aunt bind sharpener, size, waist clip (v.), snip tailor surly, uptight ascertain, check, gauge, verify (v.) deep pit, deep trouble leather tea earth (n.), field, ground, land (n.), soil should clay theater tuberculosis technical technology text such telephone telephone (v.) cable (note), telegram television, tv such as so, so much, such a way term bold thermos bottle testify witness (v.) thyme stamp (v.) darkness, gloom outfit tennis, tennis shoe stamp (n.) nonsense wink theory tape (recording), tape recorder (n.)tèp tepe terebantin teren terib terifyan terifye tès testaman teste tèt tèt anba tèt chaje tèt di tèt kabann tèt kay tèt klè tèt tiyo tèt zorye teta tetanus tètchaje tete tètfèmal tetin tètkay teyat ti ti bebe ti bèf ti bèt ti chat ti chemen ti chen ti fi ti galope ti gason ti goje ti kiyè ti kras ti moso ti non ti pen ti plan ti rivyè ti sèvyèt ti soufri ti tay ti tèt ti trip tib tibèlkiloztip tape (v.) turpentine field, ground, land (v.), plot (of land) (n.) fierce, terrible appalling, awful appall test (n.) testament, will test (v.) brain, head (n.), peak, self, top upside down concern, hassle, worry stubborn, stubbornness headboard roof lucid faucet (n.) pillowcase sucker (fish), tadpole tetanus disarray bosom, breast, suck (v.), suckle, teat headache nipple roof theater little baby calf (animal) (n.) insect kitten path, track puppy virgin center (v.) small boy sip teaspoon a little, dab, pinch piece (little) nickname roll seedling brook washcloth weakling slight birdbrain, small of small intestine (n.) tube tuberculosis (TB)140 tide tif tife tifi tifoyid tig tigazon tikè timid timoun timoun lekòl tinedjè tinen tip tire tirè tise tit tiwa tiwèl tiyo tizan to tò tobe-leve tòch tòchon tòchonnen tòde tòdye tòl Toma tomat tonbe tonbe menm lè tonbe nèt tonbe pou tonbe sou tondèz tonèl tonen tonm tonnè tonnèl tons tonton Tonton Nwèl topi toro total tòti touopinion virgin heat rash chaste, daughter, girl (little) typhoid fever tiger little boy ticket shy, timid baby, child, kid school children teenager dwarf type, type of person fire (v.), milk (v.), pull (v.), shoot (v.), take (v.) dash, hyphen weave (v.) title (n.) drawer trowel pipe (n.) embers, herbal tea rate (n.) blame (v.) on and off torch dishtowel trash (v.) twist (v.), wring (v.) twist (v.), wring (v.) galvanized roofing, sheet metal Thomas tomato drop, fall (v.), start (doing something) (v.), tumble coincide go to the dogs fall for bump into, encounter lawn-mower arbor thunder (v.) grave (n.), tomb thunder shelter (n.) cough uncle Santa Claus top (toy) bull amount, total tortoise, turtle already, also, altogether,tou bote tou dwat tou kole ak tou le de tou nèf tou patou tou pòt tou pre tou swit tou wòch toubiyon touche touchè toudi touf toufe toujou toulede toulejou touman toumante toun tounentounen mal touni tounvis toupatou toupit toupiti toupre touris tournante tous touse touswit tout tout bagay tout bon tout jan tout kote tout lèzòt tout moun tout nèt tout tan toutafè toutbon toutotou toutouni toutoutou toutrèlevery, hole, quite, too dimple directly, straight ahead, upright jammed up against both brand-new anywhere (at all) keyhole close (near), nearby promptly cave whirl, whirlwind affect, handle, touch (v.) cash (v.) dizzy, stunned clump (n.), tuft asphyxiate, choke (v.), quash, smother, strangle forever, still, yet both daily torment tease nude become, go back, return, sour (milk), trip (n.), turn, turn back backfire bare screwdriver all around, everywhere slightly tiny near tourist torment (v.) cough (n.) cough (v.) immediately all, entire, every, total, whole everything real in any case everywhere all the others everybody, everyone every bit all the time completely indeed, really all around bare, naked, nude around (surround) dove141 toutswit touye touye je touye tèt ou town tradisyonelman tradui tradwi trafik traka trakase traktè tranble tranblè tranbleman tranbleman tè tranblemann tè tranch tranche trangle trankil tranp tranpe trans transfè transfere transmisyon transparan transpè transplante transpòtasyon trant trape tras trase trase yon travay travay di travayè travès travèse trayi trè trè bon trè byen trèf trelè tren trening trennen trennen pye trèsimmediately blow out, kill (v.), turn off wink knock oneself out bull traditionally render, translate translate traffic bother, trouble, worry (n.) worry (v.) tractor shiver (v.), tremble shakey (state of being) (adj.) trembling quake earthquake slice (n.) chop (v.), contraction choke, smother, strangle calm, peaceful, placid, quiet, tranquil soaked dip (v.), dunk, marinate, quench, soak (v.), solution trance transfer (v.) transfer (n.) transmission clear (v.) transportation transplant transportation thirty catch (n.) trace, track mark off, sketch (v.), trace make an employment, job, labor, task, work toil (v.) worker beam, crossbeam cross (shape) (v.) betray very (much) excellent excellent clover, clubs trailer train training drag, lug, pull drag ones feet, shuffle braid, lock (of hair), plait (v.),tresayi trese tress trèt trete trete an zanmi tretman tretman tèks trèz trezò trezorye tribinal triche trignometri trikote trimen trip tripotay tripote tris tristès trò tròk tròke tronpe trote troub trouble troup trouve trwazyèm tuiye twa twa pye twakay twal twal asyèt twal gaz twalèt twati twazyèm twil twò twòk twoke twompe twon twonb?

cement, concrete, surely scatter scatter, sew (seeds), sow, sprinkle cemetery cinema, movie, theater refugee, victim otherwise, unless byword, synonym Holy Spirit bleeding (adj.) superior supervise supervisor beg, beseech, yearn aid (n.), support bear, cope, endure, shoulder (v.), support (v.), withstand allude, assume, suppose (v.) allusion astonish supreme curtail, stunt surprise (n.) wax (v.) alarm, siren candy, confectionery (n.) circus sip (v.) Syrian six suck (v.) suicide (n.) suicide (commit ...) (v.) abolish, abort, adjourn, cease, discontinue, quit, stop (doing something), suspend suspect (adj.), suspicious suspect (v.) systemsiswafè sit sit entènèt sitadèl site sitèlman sitèn sitiasyon sitiyasyon sitou sitron sitwayen sitwon sitwonad sitwonnèl siv siveye sivik sivil sivilize siviv sivoke sivouplè siwo siwo myèl siy siyal siyati siye siye dan yon moun siye je ou siye kò ou siyen siyifikasyon siyifye sizle sizo sizoka sizyèm skarabe skilte skò skopyon slam slip so sò sòf sofgade (data) sokoup solajman solanèl soldacertain beauty mark web site citadel name (v.), safety so cistern situation situation especially, particularly lemon (n.) citizen lime limeade citronella chives guard (v.), watch for civic civil civilize, civilized survive suffocate please!

siman simaye simen simityè sinema sinistre sinon sinonim Sint-espri sinyin siperyè sipevize sipèvizè sipliye sipò sipòte sipoze sipoziyon siprann siprèm siprime sipriz sire sirèn sirèt sirk sirote siryen sis sise sisid siside sispannsispèk sispekte sistèmbrown sugar outlet hurricane psychologist psychology psychological psychologically circumstance sweet succeed, success syllable hush, quiet, silence flint please!

: kidonk : kibè : sa, sak : pouki When will you go to his house?

Which, Who : kilès6 Useful Phrases Parent/Child English Go to bed.