) "big ears," a jab at Gable, whom all Hollywood knew to be the true father.

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He shied away from character roles or true life figures for fear that he wouldn't be able to carry them.

When handed the role of Irish politician Charles Stuart Parnell in 1937, he was not surprisingly a nervous wreck.

He had hoped that friend and lover would too jump on board as a co-star in order to help him through it, but when she turned the role down, Clark read it as a betrayal.

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This blog will delve into the good, the bad, and the ugly, in attempts to honor the people who made Hollywood the place (and the symbol) it is today. Yet, while his tough guy roles typically produced the ultimate identity of cocky male cynicism, he did have a good sense of humor in his private life, even when he was the butt of the joke.

His dominating onscreen presence hid a sensitive and humble soul that had come up the hard way, and while he appreciated the benefits that came with his stature and movie star paycheck, he too was grateful when a kidding friend brought him back down to the earth he was much more comfortable in.

After Spence started the good fight to maintain his sobriety, his relationship with the still hard-drinking Gable grew less intense, but their sturdy respect and friendship remained.

Clark admired Spence's talent, and Spence was envious of Clark's leading man power at the box office...

which is why he so enjoyed bringing up Clark was no fool about his talent.

He could do "intense." He could do "smoldering." But all of his characterizations were mere exaggerations of himself.