The Wadsworth Contemporary Issues in Crime and Justice Series has been developed to provide in- depth analysis of important topics or questions as well as challenging or unusual perspectives on crime and justice.These books fill the gaps left by tradition- al books, exploring contemporary problems and intro- ducing new perspectives that are reshaping debates in the field.Titles in the series include: T H E W A D S W O R T H C O N T E M P O R A R Y I S S U E S I N C R I M E A N D J U S T I C E S E R I E S Friedrichs-Trusted Crim-3 SE 5/10/06 PM Page 1 978-1-426-65107-6, Trusted Criminals: White Collar Crime in Contemporary Society, 3e, David O.

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Visit Thomson Wadsworth at Trusted Criminals, Third Edition ISBN: 0-495-00604-1 2007 Designer: Bill Stanton Text and cover printer: Malloy Binding: Paper Trim: 7.375" x 9.25" 2-Color: PMS black C/PMS 7516 White Collar Crime in Contemporary Society W h i t e C o l l a r C r i m e i n C o n t e m p o r a r y S o c i e t y D A V I D O .

F R I E D R I C H S T H I R D E D I T I O N T R U S T E D C R I M I N A L S 3 F R I E D R I C H S T R U S T E D C R I M I N A L S Murder American Style, Alvarez/Bachman (0-534-53470-8) The Invisible Woman: Gender, Crime, and Justice, Third Edition, Belknap (0-495-09055-7) Behind a Convict’s Eyes, Carceral/Bernard/Alarid/ Bikle/Bikle (0-534-63517-2) Girls, Delinquency, and Juvenile Justice, Third Edition, Chesney-Lind/Shelden (0-534-55774-0) Community Justice, Clear/Cadora (0-534-53409-0) Breaking and Entering: Burglars on Burglary, Cromwell/ Olson (0-534-62385-9) Policing Gangs and Youth Violence, Decker (0-534-59841-2) Trusted Criminals: White Collar Crime in Contemporary Society, Third Edition, Friedrichs (0-495-00604-1) Serial Murderers and Their Victims, Fourth Edition, Hickey (0-534-63018-9) Death Work: A Study of the Modern Execution Process, Second Edition, Johnson (0-534-52155-X) Hard Time: Understanding and Reforming the Prison, Third Edition, Johnson (0-534-50717-4) Crime Victims: An Introduction to Victimology, Sixth Edition, Karmen (0-495-00603-3) Women, Prison, and Crime, Second Edition, Pollock (0-534-51689-0) Voices from the Field: Readings in Criminal Justice Research, Pope/Lovell/Brandl (0-534-56376-7) The Prevention of Crime: Social and Situational Strategies, Rosenbaum/Lurigio/Davis (0-534-50760-3) Convict Criminology, Ross/Richards (0-534-57433-5) About Prison, Santos (0-534-62355-7) Youth Gangs in American Society, Third Edition, Shelden/ Tracy/Brown (0-534-61569-4) Media, Crime, and Criminal Justice: Images, Realities, and Policies, Third Edition, Surette (0-534-55147-5) The Fellas: Overcoming Prison and Addiction, Terry (0-534-59904-4) Sexual Offenses and Offenders: Theory, Practice, and Policy, Terry (0-495-00038-8) The Color of Justice: Race, Ethnicity, and Crime in America, Fourth Edition, Walker/Spohn/De Lone (0-534-62446-4) Sense and Nonsense about Crime and Drugs: A Policy Guide, Sixth Edition, Walker (0-534-61654-2) Renegade Kids, Suburban Outlaws: From Youth Culture to Delinquency, Second Edition, Wooden/Blazak (0-534-52754-X) Series titles available from Thomson Custom Publishing ( Two Voices on the Legal Rights of America’s Youth, Acker/ Acker (0-534-19649-7) Blood on Her Hands: Women Who Murder, Bailey/Hale (0-534-19775-2) Interviewing and Interrogation, Gilbert (0-534-19703-5) The Criminal Justice Response to Domestic Violence, Klein (0-534-19640-3) It’s About Time: America’s Imprisonment Binge, Third Edition, Austin/Irwin (0-534-51498-7) THE WADSWORTH CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN CRIME AND JUSTICE SERIES Todd R.

Clear, Series Editor Like its companions in this highly praised series, this book focuses on a key controversy in crime and justice today.

Public perceptions of white collar crime tend to be more conflicted and confused than are percep- tions of conventional forms of crime.

Consider the following list of situations: n The world’s largest retailer is accused of using illegal immigrant workers and cheating them on wages.

n An asbestos removal company is indicted on charges arising out of its practice of putting many people at risk by faking the asbestos removal.

She was required to wear a plastic monitoring device and was largely restricted to one of her homes (a Westchester man- sion) for a five-month probationary period.

Stewart, convicted of obstruction of justice charges related to alleged insider trading, hardly fit the traditional image of a criminal.

Her offense was linked with a form of white collar crime.

While many commentators felt that she deserved to be in prison, others claimed that her imprisonment was both unnecessary and unwar- ranted.