And femmes, the usual object of this adoration, the high princesses who adore their butches right back.Butches have been called anti-feminist and misogynistic, and that’s both the result and cause of clannishness and suspicion.

Everything from penpals to marriage is available to seek below that.

Real name is required, as well as the usual biographical information and a disclaimer that you must be over 18 to use the site.

You also have to upload a photo before it lets you continue on.

I could write reams on the dynamics of a butch-femme relationship, and how butch is both a personality trait and a gender in its own right.

Actually, I have written reams on the subject before.

Butches and femmes are part of a closed world-within-a-world, part of the wider gay community but in some ways set apart from it.

A world of old-fashioned relationship dynamics wherein the butch opens doors, walks on the side of the street closest to traffic, always picks up the cheque, does everything but lay their coat over a puddle (and some, I suspect, would).

It’s a dating site that caters to butches and their squishy innards, and femmes and genderqueers, and Ft Ms and Mt Fs and everyone in between. Butch-Femme offers you not one, not two, but ten options in what would usually be considered the gender field.

For many butches (and femmes), butch and femme are not merely social descriptors but genders in their own right – I don’t know of any parallels in the male gay world.

BFD offers up butch, femme, stud, Stone Butch, Stone Femme, Mt F, Ft M, transgendered, aggressive, and genderqueer.

The same options are given in the ‘seeking’ column.