Occult expert Mitch Horowitz talks here about the very strange history of the Ouija board.From scientific spiritual device to slumber party board game, the ouija's history is quite possibly as interesting as its claim to channel the dead. Collector Ronni Thomas is looking to fill his victorian stereoscope with interesting (dark) visuals and comes across some trick photography, medical anomalies and most importantly, the diableries.

In this episode, Sue Jeiven, a self taught rogue taxidermist, talks about her own methods of taxidermy.

In the late 1800s, as photography was being used to prove almost every scientific theory, there emerged a fantastic and strange practice called Spirit Photography.

Photographer Shannon Taggart gives us a concise history of this controversial prac ...

Joanna Ebenstein has created a veritable culture centered around, as she puts it, the intersteces of art, science, death and culture.

In this episode she explains her particular fascination with morbidity, medical museums and death.

Writer Paul Koudounaris takes us on a journey around the world to see how people from different cultures honor the dead.From charnel houses to burial grounds, he visits and documents what he describes as 'art in human bone'.Watch Oddities Wednesdays @ 9pm on Science Channel!| For more, visit | Ryan takes his date, Monique, to a friend's skeletal art workshop.Will a chance to feed flesh-eating beetles score Ryan a goodnight kiss?Evan Michelson is co-owner of the NY Obscura shop featured in the Science Channel hit show "Oddities." Find out why she thinks some people are drawn to the dark side and get a touching look at her life, her collection and her philosophy.