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Posted by: Global Center for Spiritual Practices Tags: Array Meditation Mount Ojai meditation location Listen to this guided global peace meditation based on the practice of metta, also known as lovingkindness. Posted by: Global Center for Spiritual Practices Tags: Arraymetta metta meditation loving kindness guided meditation This video is about the primary obstacle to awakening, the "mini-me." Both ancient wisdom traditions and modern neuroscience..

You can take a shower in the morning to clean your body and after that you go about your daily activities.

You don’t have to keep on taking shower throughout the day.

Similarly, you meditate and calm your mind, then go on with other activities.

As the level of ‘prana’ in the body rises, we bubble with joy.

The culturing of meditation into our system is normal, just a few minutes of meditation boosts our entire human system.

Some people call it the higher state of consciousness; Sri Sri Ravi Shankar calls it the normal state of consciousness, since we are endowed with the ability to live in that state.

It is not easy to keep yourself undisturbed, but with the regular practice of meditation, it becomes easy.

Every cell in your body has the capacity to hold infinity.