Julie’s recommendation: Real names are a bit boring and advertising as a public figure can be intimidating to a man.Martha should create a catchy screen name like: Martha should post three to five photos on her profile. She should include a close-up, one in her garden, one in the kitchen and a full-length body shot.She should NOT post photos of her mansions or a cover from her magazine, which would either intimidate a man or attract a gold digger.

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Other celebrities who have joined online dating sites include: Halle Berry, Joan Rivers, Sinead O’Connor and Matthew Perry.

Even Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger recently got engaged to her boyfriend who she met on Plenty of Fish. Martha might be interested in a younger man, but she shouldn’t become a cougar.

Here are my online dating tips for Martha Stewart: There’s no point in lying about your age, Martha. Otherwise she might find herself dating a younger man who’s interested only in her money.

In an interview with Matt Lauer on “The Today Show,” Martha Stewart admitted she almost tried online dating but didn’t finish her profile.

This week, Stewart appeared on the show again to let the world know she was indeed going to join

It’s been three years since Stewart was in a long-term relationship.

She admits to wanting to find someone to date or go to bed with.

Stewart says she emotionally feels 45 to 50, but everyone thinks they look young for their age in their online dating profiles. Julie’s recommendation: Martha should list the age parameters to search for a man who’s 65 to 80.

She can decide if they appear youthful or look over the hill.