Being a single parent of one child he wants to find a family woman to share his life with.

”“I study Photography and this is fast becoming my passion and something I am looking to go into professionally.

I LOVE dancing so if you’ve got two left feet…well, we can work on it!!!

I’ve just started learning salsa, I also love Latin music, R&B, Afro beats….”“I am looking to meet someone on my level, I love people that surprise me, spontaneity, fun loving, affectionate, expressive, compassionate, creative and open minded…if you have a kooky sense of humour then we are very likely to get on!

” Andrea’s interests as well as dancing include music, movies, theatre, animals, gardening, eating out – and drinking out!

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I’m told I’m down to earth, friendly, confident, unafraid of showing my emotions and able to laugh at my self.” Steven is tall, well over 6 feet tall, is of athletic build, and he has brown hair and brown eyes.

Single Mum of four Andrea is in search of a single father!

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“A little bit about me, I live in London full time but I’m originally from Wales, (if your holding out for the accent though frequent moves as a child has sadly diluted it along the way, although it does have a tendency to resurface now and then!

)”“I have 4 children who live with me (yes, all by the same father, let’s get that out of the way!