Jason Di Laurentis Aria Montgomery (formerly; possibly) Spencer Hastings (formerly; possibly) Hanna Marin (formerly; possibly) Emily Fields (formerly; possibly) Ezra Fitz Holden Strauss Mona Vanderwaal (formerly; possibly) Caleb Rivers (formerly; possibly) Toby Cavanaugh (formerly; possibly) Garrett Reynolds (deceased) - Wrote on Ezra Fitz's car (exposed) - Blackmailed Ezra Fitz to get a better grade in his class (exposed) - Was secretly seeing Jenna Marshall even though she said she had dumped him (exposed) - Saw the video footage of Maya St.Germain being taken (exposed) - Was with Jenna and Emily 'that night' (exposed) - Knew Alison was alive and had been helping her (exposed) - Helped get Ce Ce Drake out of the U. (exposed) In Season 1, it's show than he has feelings for Aria and briefly dates her.Through a flashback, it is revealed that Aria used to harbor a crush on him when Alison was still alive.

In Season 4, it is revealed that he has known Alison is alive and has been helping her.

However, he was blackmailed by Alison, but his secret is still unknown.

Noel asks Sean to ask Hanna to set up a double date with Aria.

Apparently, she had a "no boy zone" around her, and he didn't want to approach her himself.

Noel has an older brother, Eric, whom he follows in his footsteps by throwing parties.

He is also described as brainy and immature by Alison.

During the second season, he dated Mona, but later broke up with her and then started dating Jenna.

It is unclear if they broke up, but it has been implied that they have.

Aria accepts the date, even though she is distracted by her home situation and Ezra being missing, because Hanna reminds Aria how she used to have a crush on Noel.