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KDAO-FM (99.5 FM, "Soft Rock 99.5") is a commercial radio station that serves the Marshalltown, Iowa and Eldora, Iowa area. The Osmundsons also own MTN Broadcasting, Inc., licensee of KDAO-AM and KDAO-CD, Marshalltown, IA.

The station primarily broadcasts an Adult Contemporary music format. The station also provides local news, weather and sports as well as national and worldwide news via its Fox News affiliation.

KDAO-FM is licensed to Eldora Broadcasting Company, Inc which is owned by Dean L. The transmitter and broadcast tower are located between Eldora and Marshalltown north of Union, Iowa.

According to the Antenna Structure Registration database, the tower is 120 m (394 ft) tall with the FM broadcast antenna mounted at the 116 m (381 ft) level.

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