There are five different editions of Korora, each with a different desktop environment.

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As usual, we provide a list of the torrents we are seeding and share the distributions released last week.

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Korora 23 is Fedora 23 plus some customizations and extra software installed by default.

Welcome to this year's 10th issue of Distro Watch Weekly!

While some of us like to build and shape our operating systems from the ground up, most people like their computers to provide a wide range of functionality right from the start.

This explains why Korora, a Fedora-based project, has been successful.Korora takes the Fedora Workstation distribution and adds various repositories, codecs and other extras that most desktop users will want.This week we kick off with a review of Korora 23 and the project's many editions.The Fedora developers have acknowledged people would like to have more functionality in their Workstation edition and, in our News section, we discuss plans the Fedora's team has for making the distribution more friendly.We also talk about steps the Linux Mint developers are taking to secure their website in the wake of an attack and we celebrate the availability of an edition of Ubuntu MATE for the Raspberry Pi 3 computer.Plus we mention Google dropping support for 32-bit builds of Chrome, a side-effect of this change and a workaround.