I had the best teacher to teach me how to mod good My Boy Friend Tinydick4u is one of the best mod out here he is a bad ass mod SO WATCH OUT FOR HIM GUYS AND GIRLS .

My name is wild or wildgirl NOT BB or any such CRAP, I am bisexual female living in NY (not the city just somewhere in the STATE) my boyfriend is 1 PRICK of a mod so BEHAVE or you won't last long in my room. has and any other implements of BUSH destruction... BEWARE of strange 's My hunni and I would love to have a MFF 3 sum at some point, but no niether of us will meet anyone of any gender w/o the other, and IF and when the day comes when we do have a 3sum tiny's rule is my HUNNI MUST My Hunni keeps threatening to grow a ZZ top style beard or Goatee join a tribute band so he can sing such hits as "Every girls crazy bout an UNdressed man"...

goood bush is a limited natural resource and this 1 is now under federal protection... BUT IF HE DARES to do it YOU can all KISS MY BEARDED clam goodbye cuz I WILL SHAVE IT's BEARD ....

I Started a relationship with tinydick4u on march 20, 2013 He is an amazing guy and when I met him in person it did a lot to me.. Had lots of fun with him and we get along so well..

He an Honest guy, loving, caring and most of all he has a great heart .

15th 2014, IF you did not know her you really missed out her passing is a tremendous and tragic loss for the CB community, she was only 20 yrs old and had her whole life ahead of her.

Ashley, or Aferdite was choked to death by her room mate, a victim of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a very serious issue here in the United States.

Hunny i just wanted to tell you I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..

I wish I was still with you in person I MISS YOU SO MUCH HUGGGGGGGS AND KISSSSS .