After the first meeting, he approached her and they started to go out together.

Owing to the G-Dragon fame and sense for fashion, it will be absolutely wrong to think that he doesn’t have admirers. Having been described as the “most fashionable” member of BIGBANG and his control over his image, many girls are usually craving for his attention. G-Dragon (was born August 18th, 1988) is a member of BIGBAN in Korea. And He is also actively performing as a singer, singer-songwriter, rapper and producer.

After training at YG Entertainment, he debuted officially in 2006.

He has composed lots of songs of BIGBANG, they are “Lies”, “Last Farewell” and “Day by Day.” One of these girls is pro-Japan Kiko Mizuhara.

Though they have never made it official, G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara have been an item since 2010. When he saw her, he has fallen with love at first sight.

However, they repeat to have a relationship and break up for about 5 years.

They also produced other photos that are claimed to be G-Dragon’s and Kiko’s “secret flair” where they often spend their time together.

Mutual friends like Yang Seungho, 2NE1’S former stylist and a long time buddy of G-Dragon, have often been seen hanging out with the duo as well.

YG Family‘s Sandara Park and G-Dragon took a goofy picture together.

This was posted through Sandara Park’s Twitter on which she also wrote, “GD and Top? We took this picture while waiting for our turn to perform at the Osaka Family Concert.” The picture shows Sandara Park dressed with a massive white ribbon on her and wearing a fake red-feathered moustache.