What constantly amazes me about all these online shows is how brave and fearless some people are about taking all their clothes off and doing all sorts for the gratification of total strangers.However, that is perhaps the attraction - the excitement of living an anonymous fantasy along with the slim chance and risk of someone catching you doing it.

These days, anyone with a webcam who fancies being an exhibitionist or is interested in either watching or participating in a cybersex experience can do just that.

In fact, it was way back when the first series of Big Brother came out that voyeurism suddenly became a global phenomenon and the in-thing.

It was the beginning of the reality TV craze and people have been enticed into watching the lives of others ever since.

What was originally a new or uncomfortable thing for people to watch has become almost so normal and natural to many of us that we no longer seem to question it, except for cases when sex is involved.

I mean, sometimes you do have to try these things for the purposes of curiosity and well, er, research?

Oh, who am I kidding, it was totally about curiosity.Having done so, I think they're a great way for people to explore their sexuality, especially for those who are still hiding the truth from their parents, family or friends and aren't in a situation where bringing someone home is an option.Some of you may remember from Blog Idol 2 that I wrote quite a popular post about porn.I felt it would be remiss of me to leave you all without taking a brief trip down memory lane and doing what may seem impossible - taking it one step further.Since the introduction of webcams, there has been a growing trend in online sex shows.As the technology has advanced and internet has become more common and faster, the world of amateur webcams and sex shows has exploded.