Once the Bhagava ( Lord Buddha) was staying at the Jetavana monastery in the pleasance of Anathapindika at Savatthi.

Metta Metta is the highest need of the world today, indeed it is more needed than ever before.

Because in this new world, there are sufficient materials, money and brilliant wise men and scientists. The Pali word "Metta" means "loving kindness", not the ordinary, sensual, emotional, sentimental kind of love.

In spite of these, there is no peace and happiness. Metta has been translated by modem translators into English as generous, mindful loving, loving kindness, sending out thoughts of love towards others" but according to the words of Buddha, Metta has a far wider significance, and a much more extensive implication than this. According to it, love means warm affection, attachment, affectionate devotion, etc.

On the full-moon day of Wagaung, the Buddha taught the monks the Metta Sutta.

From that day till now, the full-moon day of Wagaung has been called as the 'Great or Grand Occasion of Metta.

Encouraged by this discourse, the monks returned to their respective places.

They practiced in accordance with the instructions given them to permeate the entire atmosphere with radiant thoughts of love, The tree-deities were much pleased to be affected by the power of love, and so let the monks (meditators) stay without any further disturbances.

Realizing that the monks would spend the whole rainy season there, the deities were much annoyed.

So they tried to scare the monks away during the night by harassing them in various ways.

After living under such impossible conditions for sometime, the monks could not bear it any longer and rushed back to the Buddha and informed him about their difficulties.

So the Buddha advised them to recite the text of loving kindness (Metta Sutta) and to radiate the spirit of love to all beings.