I honestly cannot remember the last time she wanted to have sex with me. " Every other aspect of our relationship is wonderful. One day I was looking under the bed for something I lost and found a dildo. I was kind of upset, not that she's pleasuring herself, but more so that it's such a struggle to get her to have sex with me and she's masturbating anyway and getting pleasure there.

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Positive update: I found 2 housing options that are relatively in my price range until I can afford a 2br flat without getting any financial assistance. While options aren't ideal, it's a step in the right dire...

The day I caught my wife cheating was the worst day of my life.

It has been 4 months and I still can't seem to function right she has moved out and now its just me and my daughter she is 7.

She wonders and ask constantly where her mommy is and I don'... My now ex-wife is the first and only woman I've ever loved. Until 5 months ago, I thought our relationship was rock solid.

I was absolutely in love with and committed to her and I had no reason to...

Hi I'm new here, but I've been dealing with sexual frustrations in my marriage for quite some time now. Before we moved in together, we'd see each other only on the weekends. Sometimes it feels like she deliberately waited until she got her period because it gives her an excuse for declining.

(Sorry, kind of a long read i guess)My wife and I have been married 3 years this May. School/work/distance really kept us occupied during the week. I completely understood that upon moving in together, the sex frequency would decline. But I didn't think it'd be this bad, plus, it's more than just the frequency. It makes me feel like sex is a tedious chore to her.

For the last 2 years I'd say, our sex life has been bad. There was one point where I didn't ask her at all to see how far it would go, and it went 4 months until we spoke about it. I tried being dirty, role playing, seductive, romantic, sweet, sexting to outright saying "can we have sex tonight?

(for the record, this was definitely not the first conversation we've had about this).