Most countries have a few strange laws that should probably be reexamined.But a quick glance through Lebanon’s penal code is enough to make you wonder, what planet are we living on again?

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Back in 1513, the medical community did not understand Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and comas as they do now. 8837/32 Article 11, judges in Lebanon still use the words "insane" or "fool" to describe people with such conditions when discussing financial guardianship over their property. Article 522 of the same penal code states that if a legal marriage is concluded between a person who committed crimes such as rape, kidnapping or statutory rape, and their victim, all prosecution into the matter shall be stopped.

In cases where a decision was already rendered, the execution of the decision shall be suspended against the person who was subject to it.

Such marriages almost always end with divorce for no legitimate reason, or when the court decides so in favor of the women in question.

Basically, this law creates a win-win situation for the rapist, who gets away with a despicable crime and then gets a quick divorce right after.

Anyone with basic knowledge of Arabic and experience in Beirut traffic knows how often such language is employed, oftentimes in plain view of policemen.

What we’re still trying to figure out is what differentiates between a month and a year’s jail time?

What swear words correlate with the harshest sentences?

And are there even enough prison cells in Lebanon to accommodate all those guilty of this crime?

On the same subject, the law states that if a woman claims to have been raped, but her hymen has not been torn off to the walls of the vagina, it is not considered rape.

What the authors of this code clearly don’t understand is that this 2 cm “honor” layer may not have been there in the first place for a variety of reasons.

The hymen can be broken from intercourse (yes, married or unmarried), exercise, or even in an accident.