It is not surprising that children of same-faith marriages are more likely to feel secure in their identities, and therefore exhibit higher self-esteem and confidence.These two great dangers of intermarriage – lack of happiness and problematic environment for children - have been proven consistently over time and happen to be true for all religious intermarriages, whether Hindu-Muslim, Catholic-Protestant, or Christian-Jewish.

Consider that, presumably, 99.99% of couples who get married are “in love.” Yet of these couples get divorced, often quickly.

Proof enough that love is not enough to overcome practical obstacles.

And in intermarriages, the practical obstacles are often insurmountable.

Children look to parents as their bedrock of love, support, and care.

In intermarriages, children sense – and see – a lack of unity between parents and it often hurts them deeply.

When asked which she liked better, Christmas or Chanukah, one little girl responded, “Christmas – but you promise you won’t tell my daddy?” Think about it: what are the chances that this little girl will develop into a strong, self-confident young woman? Once they see it as important, they’ll do a few easy things that will make it happen. Researchers report that two-religion marriages have more tension and disagreements than comparable in-marriages. After many years of research in the field, I’ve come to the conclusion that it boils down to one thing: many people see marrying another Jew as something “nice.” They don’t realize how important it is. The best way to ‘stop intermarriage’ is to turn Jews on to Jewish ideas and life– and visiting this site is a wonderful way to do it. With thousands of Jews marrying out of the faith each week, we need to explain why marrying other Jews is important for everyone, now, irrespective of Jewish knowledge and practice.The causes for this tensions range from disagreements about which holidays to observe, which religious tradition to bring the kids up in, different embedded religious and cultural attitudes towards money and a host of other connected factors, and more.These “time bombs,” lead to higher divorce rates (sometimes twice as high! With far fewer long-term problems to deal with, same-faith marriages have a much higher chance of being happy and successful than comparable intermarriages.