After the neck was finished an employee stamped or wrote the date on the end of the guitar neck.This is only visible when the body and the neck are detached.

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The Fender serial numbers were intented for logistical reasons and that’s why the Fender serial numbers are irregular and often the serial numbers overlap between models and/or years.

So in many cases the exact date for a specific guitar is not exactly known.

Here we’ll help you to understand the Fender serial numbers and how to determine the age of your Fender as well as any Fender that crosses your path by explaining the Fender serial number system.

The Fender Company also dated the neck after manufacturing.

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Sale did not include equipment so 1985 ish Fenders made in Japan.

Late 1985 US production recommenced at Corona CA for guitars and Lake Oswego, Oregon USA for amps.

The Fender serial numbers gives an idea of the company’s very long history.

The number and date on the neck is simply the date when the neck was finished.

Sometimes the neck was already finished for a couple of weeks or even many months before the neck was being matched with a body.

After the guitar was assembled, the serial number was stamped in place.