Guys & Girls: The students are what really define this place. Rich, elitist, snobby, preppy WASPS make up the majority of the student body.

Practically no one wants to work hard, and finding someone who you can have a decent conversation with is impossible. The guys are all clean cut and the girls are hot as hell. There definitely aren't a lot of couples, and the dating scene is more of a hookup scene.

The students are pretty good looking, but many only seem attracted to WASP-y types.

Guys & Girls: Preps in abundance, a lot of rich, ignorant, sheltered kids who want to blow their $50,000 on blow and get drunk.

There are exceptions to every rule though, many of my friends are intelligent, tasteful, and nice people, still really into drugs and drinking but great people.

Guys & Girls: The guys are very attractive, while the girls are okay.

However, everyone is very full of themselves making them not very nice.

They are extremely judgmental, and think they are superior because they are all rich.


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He was raised Modern Orthodox Jewish, but is a secular atheist like yourself.

My father was raised Jewish and my mother was raised Christian.