My particular problem involved reading input from various languages, saving the data to SQL Server and then displaying and capturing the data from multiple languages on a single Web page.Visual Fox Pro doesnt support Unicode directly so dealing with extended character sets like Cyrillic or any of the Asian sets is rather tough and somewhat confusing.

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A common problem for applications is to display all the different languages and character sets associated with them easily and consistently.

Unicode provides a single character set that can display all languages with a single character representation mechanism that eases the complexities of displaying very different languages such as Chinese, Korean, Russian and Western Languages like English in a single form or Web page.

Unfortunately, Visual Fox Pro doesn't have native Unicode support, which means you have to do a bit of extra work and understand how to integrate strings from multiple character sets and how to work with Unicode data in Visual Fox Pro.

I start with an overview of the issues and how to work with Unicode in general, then show you how to retrieve and update Unicode data, and finally, show you how to get the Unicode content to display both in your Web and desktop user interfaces.

Please note that most of the solutions offered in this article rely on a couple of new Visual Fox Pro 9.0 features, so VFP 9 or later is highly recommended.

The native VFP data access and Sql Passthrough samples can work in VFP 8 or later.Recently I was involved in a project where one of the requirements was to create content that displays in a variety of languages including Asian and Eastern European languages, using Unicode data stored in a SQL Server database.In this article, I describe how you can use Unicode with your application in the context of supporting multiple languages simultaneously.Although Visual Fox Pro cant display Unicode directly, it can display different character set through use of Code Pages a locale specific character mapping - which VFP readily supports.This works well for applications that display content only from a single language/locale.But this approach has serious limitations if you need to display strings from multiple languages simultaneously.