Deadline reported that the story is about an actress Megan Morrison, played by Christine Evangelista, who auditioned for a female lead role in a movie starred by an action star, Kyle West (Josh Henderson).Also Read: TOM CRUISE AND SCIENTOLOGY: DID HIS RELIGION BRING OUT THE WORST IN HIM?

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Tom Cruise, the ever young-looking actor who filmed “Edge of Tomorrow,” will not start dating a new lady until the Church of Scientology approves.

He was divorced from Katie Homes and is set to find someone to love with the help of his church. According to Yibada, the Scientology church had a long and careful process in choosing a partner for him who is beautiful, faithful, and a true believer of their church doctrines.

This was revealed by Maureen Orth in Vanity Fair back in 2012.

The report added that the wife of the chief of the church, Shelly Miscavige, headed the selection process.

The action star’s mentor then offered a $10 million for her to marry him.

The story highlighted Megan’s decision regarding the offer. There was a denial that the series is indeed about Tom Cruise. They put up an audition and pretended they were having film training.Actresses lined up and answered various questions, including their thoughts on Tom Cruise. Has the church found her no longer fit in their church?Was the rumor back in 2013 true, which Cruise himself revealed, that the church was the reason for the split?Meanwhile, a series titled “The Arrangement” is drawing interest because the plot is closely related to the “Mission Impossible” actor’s life.