Christina has previously said she's proud of her new "curves," but it's unclear yet if she's too proud to take the money.

Plus, on top of that they get bonuses for every time they kiss while the cameras are rolling – or do anything else “relationshippy.” And, NBC is offering Gwen and Blake a FAT check, if they get engaged on the singing competition.

We’re going to have to agree with Xtina on this one. Is it fair that Gwen Stefani is receiving bonus checks to basically smile on camera with her boyfriend?

How is it fair that she makes less money that Gwen Stefani just because she isn’t hooking up with one of the judges? Magazine, Christina is running around The Voice set and claiming that Gwen is “not vocally talented” and the only reason she is still on ‘The Voice’ is because of her relationship with Blake Shelton.

Christina Aguilera's Rubenesque physique could pay off in a huuuuge way -- TMZ has learned she's been offered $3 MILLION to be the face of a dating website for "big and beautiful" women.

The person behind the offer is former "America's Next Top Model" winner Whitney Thompson -- the first plus-size model to even win the show.

Whitney now runs The Bigand The -- and fired off a letter to Aguilera, saying she's extremely interested locking down Christina as the spokesperson for the website, which is "specifically designed for women with curves."As part of the deal, Aguilera would agree to at least one TV commercial, one radio commercial, two photo shoots, and four public appearances.She also wants Christina to sing a jingle for the website.So, when Gwen Stefani filled in for her and in two seasons stole Christina’s fans, and Blake Shelton, and won over the producers, Aguilera was furious.When Christina realized that no one was even missing her any more on The Voice, she demanded to return and wanted her judges’ chair back from Gwen.But, to add insult to injury, NBC didn’t fire Gwen – they gave Christina back her chair, but they kept Gwen on the show! Magazine, part of the reason that Christina Aguilera is so jealous of Blake and Gwen’s showmance – is because there is money involved.Apparently, the couple receives a check every week on top of their regular salary, just for bringing their relationship on to The Voice.