In the same study, about two-thirds of women said they would not try a robot.

Thinking that Microsoft might be getting involved with intercourse gives out some bad vibes.

If it’s anything like Windows, one can imagine a sexual experience with them will be cheap, slow and chock full of viruses.

Thankfully, that reality is still far off, but if they did have a sex robot, here are 5 things you should know about it.

In a hardly surprising piece of information, a study shows that more than two-thirds of men would give sex robots a try.

Everyone strongly believes that sexual robots should not look like a human child.

Just when you thought the world was hopeless, it seems there is a bit of common sense left out there.

A certain Microsoft chatbot has caused quite a stir in China.

Millions of Chinese social media users have become addicted to the program they call “Xiaoice“.

Her virtual friends message her constantly, sharing their deepest hopes and fears.