It's a great place to go just to hang out and visit awhile, with friendly staff and neighbors.So I still buy their coffee and other goodies while I'm there. ) I just enjoy having my iced coffees available to me at home...time or the day or nite...whenever I'm craving one!Check out her recipe and tweek it however you wish.

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Everyone is encouraged to participate in the yahoo group, even if it's just to chit-chat! It tastes like a stronger coffee rather than a dessert. They take a glass of ice, add the espresso, and the rest of the cup is filled almost to the top with water. You have to be a true coffee junkie to do this because the preparation gets quite messy, but for me it's definatly worth it!

On top of that they add about a half a squirt of vanilla syrup and just a tad bit of half and half. She also loves her iced coffees and has a neat recipe she makes herself, so awhile back I gave it a try. I've made a 2-gallon batch of this stuff about 4 times so far, and each time I am totally amazed!

I can't believe that I can now make my own iced coffee that tastes every bit as good as I get at the coffee shop!

I'm not saying I don't still visit the coffee shop, however...

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Ü Just click here: Then there's the yahoo group of the same's an email based group where we share lots of information (via email) on anything to do with our homes and, crafts, diy projects, garden info, you name it! I'm not really into those sweet drinks, so I always order mine a little more on the bitter side.

But here's how I've tweeked the recipe for myself: I take 1 pound of the darkest, cheapest coffee I can find, and dump it in a big stock pan.

Then I add 2 gallons of cold water to that, making sure I get all the coffee grounds good and wet. (8-10 hours) After that time has passed, I grab a 5 quart ice cream bucket, a fine mesh strainer, and a flour-sack towel.

I put the towel over the strainer and put the strainer on the bucket, and start pouring the coffee grounds and water mixture thru that.