Make sure you click through to page three for my favorite worst date story of all.The Fruit Stand Bandit I went on a date with a guy I met at a party.

These stories take the words “bad date” to a whole new level of scary.

A first date is awkward enough without the added pressure of dealing with an awful guy.

From the classic, cheap guy to one girl’s first and last experience with JDate, the following stories will have you laughing, crying and laughing ’til you cry.

Even though I’ve taken the liberty of keeping the identities of those involved under wraps, keep in mind that the following are all true accounts.

In fact, you can probably take it as a lesson for life that no one likes to hear people brag about money.

It’s weird Almost as weird as stealing fruit…The Cheap Guy Always Finishes Last I Told the guy I was seeing I liked live music so I guess he tried to be creative and had me meet him at Mercury Lounge on a Wednesday night after work.

When I got there, the person at the door told me there was a cover, but I had no cash.

I texted the guy I was going to meet because I thought he would have either told me there would be a cover or pay for my cover.

So I ended up having to use the ATM with a service charge.

Then, when I finally found him, he was already drunk and made me pay for my drinks all night. I’m all for equality, but if you invite a girl out and you’re still in the “I’m trying to impress you phase,” then do something impressive and act like you give a damn.

To top everything off, it was heavy metal night so the music we were listening to was absolutely terrible just screaming and jumping. Annother Penny Pincher Went ice skating with a guy and he made me pay for both of us rentals, admission, etc.