Karina Smirnoff and Jason Adelman have ended their engagement, according to reports.It's now the third engagement the 37-year-old has called off.

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The Karate Kid star says his elimination wasn't exactly a shock, but insinuated that the judges dug a hole for himself and Karina Smirnoff.

Ralph Macchio has enjoyed a great run this season, but did he do enough to earn a spot in the Dancing With the Stars finals last night? His Argentine tango with Karina Smirnoff was a crowd-pleaser, both feisty and precise, yet the judges felt it lacked something in the emotional department.

Dancing with the Stars may have ended this week (congratulations to the winners) but the fun doesn’t have to stop there.

In what seems to be as reliable as Bruno shouting bizarre analogies everyone’s favorite cheerful blond dancer has been yet again rumored to be linked to her dancing partner.

Dancing With the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff is a huge fan of her longtime competitor and colleague Julianne Hough, but she's not sure about her DWTS return. Martinez and Ricki Lake have been swapping the first place spot all season on Dancing With the Stars.

She's the first to openly pose the question of whether it's ethical for Julianne to judge her brother Derek, who is still a competing pro dancer this fall. Martinez made his case for the Mirror Ball on the final night of performances on Dancing With the Stars. After suffering an injury last week, but the 28-year-old Iraq War vet, soap opera star and motivational speaker gave it his all in the cha cha and the freestyle. Last night, it was definitely the latter's turn on top.

Karina Smirnoff and Brad Penny have called off their engagement. While he's never one to complain (look at all he's been through in life), J. rolled his right ankle in rehearsal and then twisted it again during his routines.

The Dancing With the Stars pro, 30, and the Major League Baseball pitcher, 33, have gone their separate ways after more than two years together, E! Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff had a great run, but ultimately fell short of the finals on last night's Dancing with the Stars results show.

Following the previous year’s season there were tons of rumors that Julianne Hough and Apolo Ohno were an item, especially after Hough broke off her engagement with Zach Wilson in May.

This year is no different as she’s once again being put in the crosshairs over a potential relationship with Helio Castroneves.

The morning after winning DWTS Helio joined The View and there he falsely confirmed that he was still with his fiancee, Aliette Vazquez.