Para los beneficiarios de este régimen las semanas necesarias serán 1000, y en ciertas ocasiones las personas pueden adquirir su derecho a pensión de vejez con 500 semanas cotizadas.

Régimen de prima media con prestación definida: Es administrado por Colpensiones, donde existen dos requisitos fundamentales que son un número mínimo de semanas cotizadas y una edad mínima.

El número mínimo de semanas son las establecidas por la Ley 7, es decir, para el año 2013 serían 1250 semanas.

En cuanto a la edad, sería de 60 años hasta el año 2014, y a partir del año 2015 son 62 años.

Este número mínimo de semanas varía dependiendo básicamente si se es o no beneficiario del régimen de transición.

Her father, Dave, said those claims had not been proved and even if they were true still meant that there were a small percentage of people who had written his daughter abusive messages and had not been named.

At Daniel's funeral, held at the Dunfermline Crematorium, £700 was raised for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the family thanked the Queensferry Units rapid response team paramedics for their help.

Looking for a name to use in French class, or inspiration for naming your baby?

This list includes more than 100 common French boys names, along with sound files, English equivalents in italics, and "literal meaning in quotes," if any. When there are are two different spellings on the same line but only one is hyperlinked, the pronunciation for those two spellings is identical.

Adrien Adrian Aimé "loved"Alain Alan, Allen Alexandre Alexander Alexis Alfred Alfred Alphonse Alfonso Amaury André Andrew Antoine Anthony Anton Arnaud Arthur Arthur Auguste, Augustin Augustus "noble"Benjamin Benjamin "youngest"Benoît Benedict "blessed"Bernard Bernard Bertrand Bertrand, Bertram Bruno Charles, (Charlot), Charles, (Charlie)Christian Christophe Christopher Daniel Daniel David David Denis Dennis DidierÉdouard EdwardÉmile Emile Emmanuel EmmanuelÉric EricÉtienne Steven Eugène Eugene François Francis Franck Frank Frédéric Frederick Gabriel Gabriel Gaston Georges George Gérard Gerald Gilbert Gilbert Gilles Giles Grégoire Gregory Guillaume, (Guy) William, (Bill)Gustave Henri Henry Honoré (honored)Hugues Hugo Isaac Isaac Jacques, (Jacquot) James, (Jimmy)Jean, (Jeannot) John, (Johnny)Jérôme Jerome Joseph Joseph Jules Julius archaic: "guy, bloke"Julien Julian Laurent Laurence Léon Leon, Leo Louis Louis, Lewis Luc Luke Lucas Lucas Marc Mark, Marcus Marcel Marcel Martin Martin Matthieu Matthew Maurice Morris Michel Michael Nicolas Nicholas Noël "Christmas"Olivier Oliver "olive tree"Pascal Patrick, Patrice Patrick Paul Paul Philippe Philip Pierre Peter "stone"Raymond Raymond Rémy, Rémi René "reborn"Richard Richard Robert Robert Roger Roger Roland Roland Sébastien Sebastian Serge Stéphane Stephen Théodore Theodore Théophile Theophilus Thibaut, Thibault Theobald Thierry Terry Thomas Thomas Timothée Timothy Tristan Tristan, Tristram Victor Victor Vincent Vincent Xavier Xavier Yves Ives Zacharie Zachary1.